Challenge – Vietnamese are very safety oriented when they travel, that’s manifested in them wrapping their luggage in clear plastic every time they travel, so there’s no pilferage. We decided this behavior provided us with the best medium for our message. So Emirates offered free luggage wrapping to all passengers flying out of Ho Chi Minh City. In exchange, they let us insert an Emirates poster on their luggage. We then took over the luggage belts of other airlines by using these airlines’ passengers’ luggage as our advertising space to promote the Emirates Experience.

Idea – We took over a protection wrapping station at the Tan Son Nhat International airport in Ho Chi Minh City. For one day, we offered free protection wrapping to all airlines’ passengers. Passengers flying with Emirates were offered the same free service. We included our advertising messages about the Emirates Experience on every luggage wrapped.

Execution – We had the audacity to make other airlines’ passengers become our “brand ambassadors”. Not only were we able to engage with the other airlines’ passengers directly, we also had the benefit of having our advertising messages targeted to all the other passengers of the same flight when they pick up their luggage, and to everyone else seeing these posters on the luggage at the same airport.

In just one day, we managed to engage with other airlines’ passengers flying on 15 different airlines to 27 destinations worldwide. That’s an exposure of up to 5,600 passengers in Tan Son Nhat International airport in Vietnam, and potentially thousands more at the 27 destinations airports.