Challenge Vietnamese consumers have gotten used to local LPG providers since these companies have dominated the gas market for a long time and built the trust among the consumers. Whenever their cylinder runs out of gas, the consumer would only call their current gas provider, and will not bother to look for other options. This habit is a great barrier for Totalgaz, an LPG provider from France, which we aim to address to be able to generate awareness.

Idea Unlike the other competitors who only focus on their products and distributors on Facebook, Totalgaz Fan Page generates a balanced mix of content that attracts its audience, continuously feeding them with useful information.

Execution Using the insight on Vietnamese moms’ concern for their family, especially when it comes to the meals they serve, Totalgaz taps into Gaz Product, Gas Handbook and Kitchen Tips with the voice of an expert. With the Facebook Social Always On content, Totalgaz Fan Page is the friendly hub for moms to get information about our gas products and other useful tips for their family.