How Nutrivita Messages Its Brand Idea Throughout The Nation.

How Nutrivita Messages Its Brand Idea Throughout The Nation.

Opportunity Increase brand equity and usage of Nutrivita Brand throughout the nation.

Idea Nutrivita has been in the market for 10 years and we need to strengthen the brand’s role in consumers’ lives by showing the convenience of foil pack enabling them to share with their families and friends.

Execution Dramatize the benefit Nutrivita in terms of re-invigorating and re-energizing you and your family and friends daily and highlight wide availability and distribution.

How Fuji Lets Audiences Know About Its Special Benefits

Opportunity Educate the audiences on the benefits of Fuji.

Idea Simply illustrate how Fuji successfully removes stains from engine oil, pen ink and curry oil, in situation.

Execution Use a bit of humor and animation to dramatize the benefits. Various household items talk amongst themselves about how lucky they are to be in their current home because the housewife uses Fuji detergent cream to clean everything.

How Colgate Aids School And Students In Proper Learning

Opportunity To make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged Burmese children with the help of Colgate and educating them on oral care.

Idea Use existing assets of Colgate (packaging and distribution) to be able to make a difference by providing education. Low cost, boxes are being recycled and Burmese children are being educated on oral care.

Execution Turning Packaging into Education: Colgate boxes are recycled by having oral care charts and other visual aids printed inside that can be used in Burmese schools. With their wide distribution network, these are delivered to different schools and areas in Myanmar. Each different poster has unique toll-free number giving teachers access to 10-min. Oral care lessons that they can share with their students, along with the visual aids.

How Brands Communicates The Idea Of Boosting Immunity & Youth

Opportunity Increase daily consumption of Brand’s Bird’s Nest among its current base.

Idea Brand’s Bird’s Nest is boosts your immunity and makes you look younger and healthier.

Execution Tin Moe Lwin, a local influencer illustrates how she keeps up with her busy life. She reveals that her secret is drinking Brand’s Bird’s Nest.

How To Leverage Parkson To Be The Professionalism In Fashion & Beauty

  • Brand: Parkson

Challenge Sales and promotions are the traditional ways to attract buyers, but Y&R creatively expresses them to audiences in a new way to create excitement.

Idea We came up with the shopping adventure to surprise shoppers.

Execution Parkson becomes a maze with our main creative idea whereshoppers can freely explore the mall and look for their favorite items.

How Totalgaz Becomes The Choice Of Safety To The Vietnamese Family

Challenge Vietnamese consumers have gotten used to local LPG providers since these companies have dominated the gas market for a long time and built the trust among the consumers. Whenever their cylinder runs out of gas, the consumer would only call their current gas provider, and will not bother to look for other options. This habit is a great barrier for Totalgaz, an LPG provider from France, which we aim to address to be able to generate awareness.

Idea Unlike the other competitors who only focus on their products and distributors on Facebook, Totalgaz Fan Page generates a balanced mix of content that attracts its audience, continuously feeding them with useful information.

Execution Using the insight on Vietnamese moms’ concern for their family, especially when it comes to the meals they serve, Totalgaz taps into Gaz Product, Gas Handbook and Kitchen Tips with the voice of an expert. With the Facebook Social Always On content, Totalgaz Fan Page is the friendly hub for moms to get information about our gas products and other useful tips for their family.

How Total Lubricants Gains Awareness on Social Media

Challenge The market of lubricants sees a harsh competition among many strong rivals: Castrol, CALTEX, MOTUL, etc. Although Total Lubricants has been in Vietnam for over 20 years, consumers are still not aware of it and its products.

Idea We developed the Total Lubricant Facebook Fan Page – an “online community” to discuss lubricants, educate them about our products and give useful tips for audiences, especially the bikers.

Execution The Social Always On is a strategic tool to interact with our audiences regularly. Since the target audience are young men passionate about motorbikes and automobiles, we used a bold and strong voice with the sense of “brotherhood” in order to talk to them, as our tone and personality. Our intention is to let audiences willingly discuss and ask anything within the lubricant field, as well as specific to our products.

How To Engage Customer Into More Experiences With Ford

  • Brand: Ford

Challenge Consumers aren’t shopping the same way. Direct marketing is proven to double buy rates. In-market-date (IMD) is a strong indicator of future purchase intentions, to come up with relevant communications to help increase sales.

Idea “Customer for Life”was developed to streamline and approach Ford owners with the right message at the right time, through the right channels.

Execution Customer For Life communications include:

  1. Welcome e-DM sent to 1st time byer with a “Thank You” note, Top 3 owner resources: owner portal, sync app/ site, Ford social communities and FAQs/Tips for car owners
  2. 1st Service Reminder e-DM sent to 4-5 month buyers with set expectations on maintenance and services provided and more information on the benefits of having your Ford vehicles serviced and maintained by Ford service centers / dealerships

How Emirates Announces Their Brand Into New Market, Myanmar

Challenge To compete with many rivals in a new opening market like Yangon, it is not easy for Emirates to present themselves as an airline to the market, moreso, promote their wide network, premium products and world-class service.

Idea We communicated different brand and product information through integrated communication channels.

Execution We, along with our media partner, developed and executed an IMC plan to create new burst in Yangon, with different messages spreading on both ATL and digital channels. These messages are divided into different phases, from brand engagement to products / service amplification. By this way, we help Emirates not only to present the brand, but also to educate consumers on what we can offer.

How Vietnamobile Sim Becomes The Main Choice For Mass Audiences

  • Brand: Vietnamobile

Challenge Convincing others to change their sim cards is the main task for this campaign.

Idea Each slice of the “pizza” carries its own “taste” – depending on what the users prefer. We came up with the idea of a Pizza Buddy – a friend that is always there for you to lean on when you need one — as a way to promote the product.

Execution The idea of a “pizza” concept comes from literally a pizza having 4 slices that represent 4 special fuctions of the Sim Pizza. The main image represents the variety of choices that consumers can freely buy and mix to create their own sim package using the Vietnamobile new sim card. The special functions are also communicated through social media and other media channels to attract new consumers.

How Nuti IQ becomes The Leading Vietnamese Trusted Brand

  • Brand: Nuti IQ Gold

Challenge Nuti IQ Gold is a familiar product among kid brands. Y&R with the duty of drawing a new creative picture based on the same story which is “brain development to make kids smarter.”

Idea Our creative concept is pushing the smartness of kids to a whole new level that combines with goodness to help kids crosss the line of being awesome.

Execution The angle of showing mother’s love has been overused by many brands. Therefore, Y&R came up with how kids can express their feeling and care for their lovely moms by using their smartness to create two famous travel attactions which are: the Merlion statue in Singapore and Effiel tower in Paris, France.

How Coca-Cola drives consumption during break time

  • Brand: Coca-Cola

Challenge – Coca-Cola hoped to go against the current – having Coke break campaign to keep on-going hand in hand with the consumption, despite the absence of the product within the office environment.

Idea – We created the unprecedented Coca-Cola Breakaway Station to give office workers more reasons to go out and take a Coke break.

Execution – The Coca-Cola Breakaway Station used the red plastic stools as building blocks and took shape of a giant Coke bottle that fizzed up people’s day. The installation was placed nearby office buildings and used drones with targeted message to lead people in. The recap video has been lately posted on Youtube and managed to gain more than one million views within a week.

How Microsoft connects their fans in digital world

  • Brand: Microsoft

As a leader of hi-tech service, Microsoft looks for its best to connect with fans, and share tips with the community.

Our team runs an integrated digital plan on different channels – from display banners, websites, e-newsletters to social media for both Microsoft Service and Lumia Devices. It leads to the big digital network in which Facebook becomes a main hub of two-way communication between the brand and its fans.

The result indicates that Microsoft reaches a positive number of fans. Noticeably, many online and offline events held on Facebook are specifically designed to the right target audience that increases high engagement to users.

Does LifeStyles make selling condom look hot than ever before?

  • Brand: LifeStyles

Sex is a sensitive topic to be discussed in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese youngsters are always curious about sex related talks.

Featuring the hot girl Linh Miu as a sexy professor, we help our condom client, LifeStyles Vietnam, build the series of “training shows” about tips to approach six types of hot girls, and how to satisfy them.

Targeting the right youngster group, and leveraging the hotness of the influencer, the series become viral clips getting watched and shared on Youtube and Facebook that makes consumers know about the LifeStyles brand better.

How Colgate promotes a Smiley Tet

  • Brand: Colgate

Tet is the big holidays for Vietnamese people as it is Lunar New Year Celebration. For local thought, the more you smile during Tet, the luckier and happier you will be in the New Year.

Thus, the TVC featured “The Smile” as a bright beginning of the year. In order to have great smiles, Colgate was the best choice thanks to its expertise in dental care.

The TVC was much insightful with some “secrets revealing” of the kid to smile more for getting much lucky money, the husband to promise himself to spend more time with his wife and daughter in order to make them smile more, and the daughter to give her beautiful smile to her mom frequently as she gets away from home to study.

How Emirates Promotes Emirates Experience messages to all passengers

  • Brand: Emirates

Challenge – Vietnamese are very safety oriented when they travel, that’s manifested in them wrapping their luggage in clear plastic every time they travel, so there’s no pilferage. We decided this behavior provided us with the best medium for our message. So Emirates offered free luggage wrapping to all passengers flying out of Ho Chi Minh City. In exchange, they let us insert an Emirates poster on their luggage. We then took over the luggage belts of other airlines by using these airlines’ passengers’ luggage as our advertising space to promote the Emirates Experience.

Idea – We took over a protection wrapping station at the Tan Son Nhat International airport in Ho Chi Minh City. For one day, we offered free protection wrapping to all airlines’ passengers. Passengers flying with Emirates were offered the same free service. We included our advertising messages about the Emirates Experience on every luggage wrapped.

Execution – We had the audacity to make other airlines’ passengers become our “brand ambassadors”. Not only were we able to engage with the other airlines’ passengers directly, we also had the benefit of having our advertising messages targeted to all the other passengers of the same flight when they pick up their luggage, and to everyone else seeing these posters on the luggage at the same airport.

In just one day, we managed to engage with other airlines’ passengers flying on 15 different airlines to 27 destinations worldwide. That’s an exposure of up to 5,600 passengers in Tan Son Nhat International airport in Vietnam, and potentially thousands more at the 27 destinations airports.